Stylin: the Importance of Style Guides

ust as your brand’s message should be consistent throughout all platforms, so should your brand’s image. A style guide can be created to make sure your brand’s image is represented correctly by all employees, contract workers, or outside entities.

So what is typically included in a style guide?

Your Logo.

First and foremost your style guide should show which logos should be used. Full color, one color, black and white and white should all be included.


As a general rule you should have 2-3 fonts that represent your brand. Think of it in terms of what you use for your headings, subheadings, and paragraph text. Include acceptable weight and sizes for each font choice.

Color Scheme.

What palette do you use? You should include 1-2 main colors and up to 10 or so set secondary colors. Your color scheme should have the correct CMYK and RGB numbers for each color. And if you really want to make your designer happy, you can go even further by providing the correct PMS and HEX Color Code as well.

Photo Style.

Think about what kind of photographs you always want to be associated with your brand. Only black and white? All candid? Also think about what emotions should these photographs invoke: fun, serious, moody, etc. Make sure you have the right emotions associated with your brand.

Your style guide can be as detailed as you want it to be. Some guides even get specific on the amount of leading and kerning the type can use. No matter what you deem important to be in your style guide, the important thing is that YOU HAVE a style guide! Staying consistent with your imagery projects a sense professionalism that no brand can afford not to have.

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