What to look for in a Presidential candidate

The 2020 Presidential Election candidate pool is already filled to the brim. Some say that the variety of choices allows each and every voter to find someone that they identify with, but can too many choices be a bad thing? Studies have shown that having too many options leads to more stress throughout the decision-making process. To make your prospective presidential nominee finding a little easier, here are five things that you should look for in a candidate.

 1. Integrity

In a political climate like ours, it is easy to forget that we should hold politicians to the same basic standards of decency that we hold others to. Take time to pay attention to what those who are closest to the candidate say about his or her character. Do they treat their family, colleagues, and even opponents well? In their past careers, were they well respected by those that they dealt with? These are signs not only of their character but also of how much they will care about their duty to the American people when in office.

2. Acceptance of Mistakes

In a world where everything that we say or do is permanently maintained by the internet, having a perfect record is impossible. At some point in their lives, it is inevitable that every presidential candidate will have committed some sort of blunder or made an offensive comment. These mistakes should not lead you to rule them out entirely – like us, the men and women in the 2020 race are only human. Rather, you should focus on how they react to those mistakes. Do they own up to wrongdoing and seem legitimately remorseful? Or do they find other people or circumstances to blame? Evaluating how a candidate takes ownership of their own mistakes is not only is a sign of how they will react to inescapable errors throughout their term but also of their general character and integrity.

3. Like-ability

Not only is it essential for the President to win over the American people, but they also need to be capable of winning over other American politicians and world leaders. For, even though someone may be capable of coming up with solid solutions to many of the issues we are facing today, those solutions are worth nothing if they are not able to maintain the personal relationships needed to implement them. Members of Congress, the Senate, and international politicians need to be willing to collaborate with the President and to trust him/her when negotiating.

4. Sound Stances on Important Issues

Many politicians try to skirt around critical issues in the 2020 election, such as gun control or border security. Someone who sticks only to vague talking points in an attempt not to seem divisive will certainly behave the same way when in office. Instead, you need a candidate that is willing to speak outright with their opinions and back them with solid reasoning. Facing issues head-on shows that they are confident enough in their beliefs to be willing to risk losing certain voters that may not agree with them.​

5. Vision

Equally important to the issues of today are the issues of tomorrow. A presidential candidate needs to have a platform that looks to improve not only our current nation but also the country that we will be handing down to future generations. Having a strong vision for America’s future shows the ability to look beyond the imminent and a desire to implement long-term change.

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