Crafting a Good Social Media Presence

In this day and age, social media is one of the most significant ways that companies and individuals communicate with their audience. In mastering the use of social media for your company, it is essential not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Preferably, you should be using many different platforms; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to start. Using a diversified social media plan offers many benefits, notably increased outreach, more content, and creating more opportunities for growth.

Generally speaking, each of these platforms has a slightly different audience. Younger people tend to use Instagram as their go-to, older generations stick to what they know by spending most of their time on Facebook, those interested in politics and current events constantly retweet on Twitter, and professionals of all ages flock to LinkedIn. The likelihood that your entire audience uses only one or two of these platforms is extremely minimal. Even if you are convinced that your entire audience is dedicated to one site, there is no harm in trying to expand your audience by being present in a new social realm. Being active on multiple platforms allows you to reach way more people than if you were to pour all of your energy into one account, something that is inarguably beneficial.

Posting from more accounts also means that you will have more content out there for people to see. Not only does this improve your ranking among search engines, but it also shows newcomers that your company is legitimate, in-depth, and well-varied. With more accounts, you also can share more content throughout the day without seeming overbearing and specialize postings on different accounts to that specific audience. Having a strong social media presence allows people to learn more about what you bring to the table, giving your company a leg-up when compared to the competition.

Finally, if you are reaching more people and have more content available to be shared by others, you are setting yourself up to grow exponentially. The more you post high-quality content on a variety of platforms, the more your followers are likely to share your ideas and pictures with their own audience. The power of social media lies in the fact that it reaches people rapidly and at an ever-growing rate; diversifying your social media presence allows you to take advantage of that power and use it to boost your company’s success.

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